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Barangay Profile

Barangay Miglamin is 29 kilometers away from the City center with a total land area of 3,251 hectares. The barangay is mostly mountainous with patches of rolling terrain and undulating plains. It is bounded in the North and East by the Municipality of Cabanglasan, in the South by Barangay Apo Macote and in the West by Barangay sinanglanan, San Martin, Managok and Maligaya.


Promoting a peaceful, loving community. Developed agriculture, healthy environment with sufficient water supply. Promote and maintain quality education including tribal community anchoring ecological balance.


Barangay Miglamin as a business center of agri-products, using new technology and farming, a peace-loving, God-fearing people living in unity maintaining quality education, with a healthy environment and well-developed infrastructures, spear-headed by leaders that are transparent proactive and accountable.

Historical Background

In the vast fertile land of Bukidnon, surrounded by thick forest lived a couple with a very beautiful daughter named ILAY. She was so beautiful that many suitors wanted to own her, but her parents do not allow them to visit her and kept them away from them. The couple with lilay went to a very far place unknown to everybody. They walked for almost two days and finally decided to put a house along the river’s bank. It takes years that they were found, but only her parents.  Because of their anger, they pour out their minds and shouted “Miglamin” (“You’re there, do not lie”). A man named Dunusuban became husband of lily, who was believed to be the one responsible for killing Liay’s Parents.

After the incident, the place known as miglamin was once a Sitio Imbatug. The previous leaders were; Datu Manlahug, Datu Omeran, Datu Juan, Datu omao, Datu Genora Menlistrahan and Datu Leteriano Palma. After a year, the sitio became a barrio, with its first Bario Captain, Melanio Lensagan. He was followed by DAtu Leteriano Palma, them Mr. Audifax Omao, and was then Succeeded by Mr. Emeliono Herreran in the year 1982 Barangay Elections.

Contact Information

contact no.:

0916-402-8124 / 0965-331-1000