Barangay Profile

Barangay Patpat is located along the national highway at the North-West portion of the City. It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Impasug-ong, on the east and south by Barangay Kalasungay, and on the west by Barangay Dalwangan. It is about 8 km from the City proper with an area of 6,476.


In order to achieve this vision, we the people of Barangay Patpat, guided by the active and responsible leaders, and in collaboration with private sector, seek to address all sectoral issues in education, health, nutrition, peace and order, youth and sport, infrastructure, economic and environment as well as administration and governance. It is our desire and hope that we will be moving towards economically improved community and total human development.


We envision Barangay Patpat as a community of peaceful, joyful and God-loving citizens that actively support, cooperative and participate in local and National Programs of the government. A stable institution that promotes sustainable and financially viable farming system through the implementation of equitable livelihood programs specially among the poor.

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