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The Public Safety Control Center was formerly located at X-ray Room in Old City Hall Compound Claro M. Recto St., Brgy. 1, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. With the recent migration to the New City Hall at Casisang, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, PSCC was transferred to old Management Information System (MIS) building still in Old City Hall Compound.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have become an important crime prevention and security measure. A number of other benefits may be accrued from a CCTV system, including:

  • Reduced fear of crime when people are aware the system is there

  • Provision of medical assistance

  • Information gathering

  • Road traffic conditions, regulations and incidents

  • Deter anti-social behavior

It provides a collaborative approach across all of the coordinating agencies in the delivery of emergency services by offices covering the safety, law and order, security and intelligence units in Malaybalay City. The PSCC was created to ensure public safety and security by using surveillance cameras. It serves as the command, control and coordinating office to other community safety partners to facilitate a response to emergencies, crime prevention and other community safety initiatives.


            We envision a dynamic, safe city and secured community.


To deter the potential for crime, enhance emergency responses and public safety in the city.


Pursuant to the resolution adopting ordinance no. 2011-029 of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Bukidnon mandating certain establishment in the province to install CCTV cameras or other video monitoring devices and providing penalties for violation thereof. Despite of the existence of the newly implemented ordinance by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan pertaining to the installation of CCTV’s among banks, pawnshops and other lending firms or institutions, gasoline stations, malls, 24-hour grocery or convenience stores, internet cafes, universities, hotels, inns and lodging houses. The ordinance found to be only limited to private entities.

The City Government of Malaybalay feels that there is a need to install CCTVs along Fortich St., pedestrianized streets in the city center, outdoor public parking areas, residential neighborhood streets, public transport interchanges and other strategic city streets. A resolution no. 2014-1388 was adopted to install CCTV cameras along Fortich St.

This office is mandated to monitor traffic flow, parking regulations and offences, fire, accidents, crime and suspicious behaviour. The Public Safety Control Center commenced its operation last August 1, 2016. It is a section under the City Mayor’s Office.


8/1/2016 Motorcycle vehicular accident infront New Mercury
8/2/2016 Transportation of Forest Product at Back Market
10/12/2016 Motorcycle vehicular accident infront Motormate
10/12/2016 Illegal Turn motorcycle
11/17/2016 Reckless imprudence resulting to property damage at Sanvictores St. fronting AVON involving Toyota Hi-Ace Grandia van plate# WVI-654 and Kia Pregio van plate# CNY-353
12/2016 Illegal Parking
1/21/2017 Unconsious person at Terminal Market
2/10/2017 Man lying at the sidewalk
4/9/2017 Property Damage fronting Malaybalay Polymedic General Hospital involving Pabama bus plate # 130103 vs. Impasug-ong Ambulance plate # 88807
4/9/2017 Vehicular accident motorcycle Yamaha KC 13606 vs. Honda Mio
4/19/2017 Parked multicab on fire infront PNB parking space
4/23/2017 VA single motorcycle motormate
5/15/2017 Unconsious person with bloody head
7/7/2017 Vehicular traffic accident-Property Damages Toyota Hi-Ace Grandia plate # ACU 3883 vs. Suzuki red multicab plate # KVK 700
7/8/2017 Mauling at Don Carlos St.
3/7/2017 Unsegrated garbage disposal infront Citee Print
06/07/2017 Illegal loading green multicab KVP 836 at pedestrian lane
13/07/2017 Traffic enforcer and multicab driver dispute at Gaisano
01/08/2017 Fire incident last July 9, 2017 at Vanity Enterprises
9/14/2017 Blue Ion parked @Pedestrian, BSU-JRS
10/12/2017 Vehicular Accident single motorcycle XRM temp # 100103
05/11/2017 Arrogant driver blue green multicab plate #102002
09/11/2017 VA-Property damage Rural bus ABF 2970 vs yellow multicab KVZ 321
10/11/2017 Arrogant driver rela body # 234
21/11/2017 Item left at motorela body # 018
27/11/2017 Illegal Loading/Unloading at pedestrian lane Maroon multicab KVX 581
16/12/2017 TE issued ticket on White SUV AQA 6492
21/12/2017 Illegal turn white pick-up at BPI
03/01/2018 Rural bus and white pick-up collision infront terminal booth
09/01/2018 Collision blue multicab and opencab at Terminal Exit
2/1/2018 Motorcycle vehicular accident overshot at constructed road infront Timones bldg.
15/02/2018 Arrogant driver at Gaisano yellow box
3/5/2018 Collision motorcycle vs. white Isuzu opencab plate # YHM 805
09/03/2018 TE and driver dispute at Gaisano yellow box
16/04/2018 Arrogant Driver @ Gaisano
16/04/2018 Obstruction Blue Multicab
11/05/2018 Removed Tarpaulin @Cudal St.
16/05/2018 Collision between Toyota Wigo vs. Bus
7/10/2018 Verify motorela body number parked Madelicious Market
8/8/2018 Overstaying Blue Multicab KVG 170 at Gaisano yellow box
8/15/2018 TE and multicab driver dispute plate #101-209
8/17/2018 Collision red passenger multicab KVN 205 vs. Skygo motor
8/23/2018 Property Damage Globe wire stuck to a Ten Wheeler truck #120104
9/2/2018 Arrogant Driver Blue passenger multicab 101205 at Gaisano yellow box
9/3/2018 Unconscious girl beside AVON Sanvictores St.
9/4/2018 For identification of garbage dispose infront Citee Prints
9/27/2018 Verification vehicle disregarding traffic rule
10/1/2018 Vehicular accident single motorcycle infront Metrobank
10/10/2018 Mauling Don Carlos St.
10/11/2018 Minor collision two single motorcycle corner Magsaysay-Moreno St.
10/14/2018 Minor collision Don Carlos-Fortich St.
10/29/2018 Motorcycle driver disregarding traffic enforcer
10/30/2018 Arrogant taxi driver at Greenich yellow box
11/5/2018 Sideswipe at Don Carlos St.
11/10/2018 Red Multicab violating @Gaisano
11/15/2018 Arrogant Driver
11/22/2018 Single Vehicular Accident at Claro M. Recto St.
11/8/2018 Fire at Lazy Lee Boarding House Cudal St.
11/27/2019 Overstaying at Gaisano Yellow Box
12/09/2018 Sideswipe incident RTMI Bus ADD 4008 vs. multicab KVN 119
12/5/2018 Collision single motorcycle vs. black Estrada
1/14/2019 Collision Pabama vs PUV white
1/22/2019 Offense of motorela body #117 Sanvictores St.
02/04/2019 Collision between two motorcycles at Izhar
02/22/2019 Overstaying Yellow PUV at Gaisano Yellow Box
02/25/2019 Shooting Incident at PNP Outpost, Sumpong at 9:30pm
03/03/2019 Verification of red multicab violation parked infront Macys’
3/29/2019 Collison rural bus vs. bonggo infront AVON Sanvectores
04/02/2019 Overstaying red passenger multicab KVU 304
04/10/2019 Overstaying red passenger multicab at Gaisano yellow multicab
4/16/2019 Apprehension of single motorcycle at Don Carlos St.
05/03/2019 Collision of white pick-up vs. motorcycle at Carillo-San Isidro St. intersection Brgy. 5 5/3/19 2:46:30 pm
05/05/2019 Collision Pabama double decker vs. red wigo infront terminal ticket booth at 10:20:19 am
5/14/2019 Lost motorcycle XRM 125 black and white plate no. 5529 parked infront CDRRMO bldg.
5/28/2019 Shoot-out incident infront Mailas Lodging house riding in tandem possible suspect 2 riders: driver wearing faded blue longsleeve with shades on the head and backride/gunman dark blue longsleeve with bonnet wearing shades 5/28/19 9:24 am
6/18/2019 Rear collision between a single motorcycle and a black SUV resulting to physical injury 6/18/2019 at 1:18 pm

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