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Barangay Profile

Barangay Violeta is 15 kilometers away from the City proper. It has a total area of 309 hectares of flat and hilly land. The soil characteristic is clay loam and is suitable for agricultural production. The climate is cool. It is bounded in the north by barangay Linabo, in the south by Barangay Simaya, in the east by Barangay Managok and in the west by Barangay Cabangahan.

Violeta is categorized as a rural barangay and is mainly an agricultural community. The barangay leadership aims to optimize its potential agricultural productivity in order to uplift the living condition on its constituents. The whole barangay is classified as Alienable and Disposable land.


Barangay Violeta will established that will ensure the upliftment of the Health condition and literacy of the people, promote participation unity and encourage business instrument and industries for a more progressive community.


We envision Violeta as an Agriculture-based Barangay in a well agricultural development with educated, self-reliant and God loving people engage in a progressive, agricultural-based livelihood enjoying a peaceful and safe environment implementing appropriate infrastructures and govern by transparent and empowered local officials with the full cooperation and support of the Sangguniang Barangay, peoples and non-government organization for implementation of the projects, programs to uplift of the livelihood of the barangay constituents

Historical Background

Barangay Violeta was once a purok-6 of Barangay Linabo. As a purok, it was called Sawaga. It can hardly avail its share from the barangay funds to finance infrastructure projects and other needed for its improvements. Mr. Tiburcio Ando, who was then the treasurer of Barangay Linabo, was one of the authors and primary movers for the conversion of Sitio Sawaga into a Barangay. The people overwhelmingly supported the proposed conversion. They signed a petition and submitted it to the Office of the Department of Interior and Local Government. Many politicians and influential people helped in the realization of their dream and one of them was Hon. Wilfredo M. Bides of the Department of Interior and Local Government office of Malaybalay who helped accomplish the pertinent documents and other necessary requirements. It was former Congresswoman Violeta T. Labaria who was the instrument in bringing the documents to Manila.

            Finally, on December 8, 1988, the conversion was approved and the new barangay was called “Violeta” in gratitude to Congresswoman Violeta Tabios Labaria. Immediately after the approval of conversion, Mr. Federico Cabrejas was appointed as First Barangay Captain of Barangay Violeta. He donated 10,000 sq. meters, a parcel of his land, to the Barangay Government where the barangay office and other government structure are now located.

            In 1991, Mr. Leonico Z. Adecer was elected as the new Barangay Captain and continued the good works of Mr. Federico Cabrejas. The sudden death of the Punong Barangay Leonico Adecer in 1991 put the reins of running the barangay affairs to the first Kagawad Ariel C. Ando. In the election 2002, Mr. Ariel C. Ando ran for his first crack at the leadership and won the election. And in 2007, Punong Barangay Ariel C. Ando was re-elected as his second term.

            In the year 2010 election, Mr. Roberto Sr. S. Tumangday defeated Punong Barangay Ariel C. Ando in the Barangay Election as Barangay Chairman. On October 28, 2013 another local election comes, and Punong Barangay Roberto Sr. S. Tumangday remains undefeated for his second term. On May 15, 2017 another local election comes but still Punong Barangay Roberto Sr. S. Tumangday remains undefeated in his third term and he continued the previous and present plan and programs for the development of the barangay.

            Barangay Violeta is now a fast developing community in the City of Malaybalay. More and more projects were initiated and spearheaded by the barangay government through the help and financial assistance of the City and Provincial Government. As a barangay, it can now appropriate and even mobilize funds needed to improve infrastructure and deliver social services to the local residents.

Mabuhay Barangay Violeta!!

Contact Information

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