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Barangay Profile

Barangay Zamboanguita is a two –hour ride from the Poblacion proper of Malaybalay. The estimated total land area is 847.7 hectares, which are mostly classified as forestland. It is bounded on the north by Tigpanique Creek, in the south by Pagpag Creek and PunongMentakdaw Range, in the east by Pantaron Range and in the west by Pulangi River.


In order to ensure the progress of the people in Barangay Zamboanguita, we provide agricultural assistance by educating the people with the New Technology, which will help to improve the economic status with equality, justice and respect to our nature.


We envisioned Barangay Zamboanguita as a center of economy in the Upper Pulangi, with vigilant, educated and God-fearing people enjoying harmonious and better quality of life that can stand alone in preserving its environment, Natural resources and the culture of Lumads with transparent, accountable, pro-active and dignified leaders.

Historical Background

There were once native tribes of Tala-andig and Manobo who lived in a remote area in the eastern boundary of Malaybalay. They used to build houses made of indigenous materials whose walls are partly covered which they called “Samwang”. When the Second World War broke out, the leader of the group gathered his men and told them to unite just like a one big family.  For safety purposes, they settled permanently near the salty spring known as “Langga”. Temporary they made “Langga” as the name of the place. After the war, the system returned to its normal condition.

On April 1956, Mayor Lorenzo Dinlayan together with the chief of Police, Alejandro Bansing and Patrolman Teodoro Perino visited “Langga” various problems were discussed and one of them was naming of the place. Patrolman Perino suggested that instead of Langga, this should be called “Zamboanguita, which was derived from the word “Samwang” and the place, “Zamboanga”which he liked and visited regularly. So with the people’s consent and of the Mayor, the place was officially called Zamboanguita.

At 1968, Zamboanguita became a Sitio of Barangay Caburacanan where the Sitio Leader was Datu Dondo Dalhig. Then on 1974, the leader was replaced with Mr. Apolonio Binahon. From 1976 to 1980 Anastacio Amores ruled the area and on 1980-1984, the two Kagawads of the said Barangay, Kag. Antonio Bultahan and Kag. Silvestre Auxtero was pursued to create Zamboanguita as a Baragay through public hearing.

On March 04, 1985, Zamboanguita became a barangay, Then Mayor Tilanduca ordered to conduct an election for Brgy. Officials of the Newly Barangay Zamboanguita, and Mr. Alberto N. Failagao was the first Punong Barangay with his 7 Kagawads; Kag. Tagarda,Sr. –Kag Bultahan-Kag. Amores, -Kag. Decano, -Kag. Binahon, Kag. Montejo and Kag. Auxtero.

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