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Barangay Profile

Barangay Aglayan is located along the national highway going to the southern part of Bukidnon. The Bukidnon is fifteen (15) kilometer from the urban center of Malaybalay. It is at the south-west part of the city. It has an estimated land area of 3,500 hectares of agricultural land. It is bounded in the north by Barangay Laguitas, in the south by Barangay Cabangahan, in the east by Barangay Linabo and in the west by Barangay Bugcaon of the Municipality of Lantapan. The Barangay is divided into 14 purok showing Purok 6B to be the most populated area and Purok 5B to have least number of household.


To serve the population and stakeholders of Barangay Aglayan with firm dedications of commitment in adhering the principle of good governance and to provide, social, economic, cultural, environment education, health, peace and order, youth, sports and infrastructure development worthy of respect and emulation.


We envision Barangay Aglayan to become an economically progressive Barangay. A center of Agri-business, commerce, trade and industry with God loving people, health and self –reliant citizenry with fully developed infrastructures through hardworking, dedicated, transparent, faithful and responsible.

Historical Background

Before the war, there was a creek where “AGLAY” plants grow abundantly in its banks. This plant can be made into a native wine  (PANGASE) and the seeds into necklaces. Because of the abundance of these Aglay plants, the creek was eventually named ”AGLAYAN”.

Barangay Aglayan was only a sitio of Malaybalay before. There was no record found as to whether it was a sitio of Barangay Linabo. Old folks said that it was part of Linabo that’s why it was earlier named as crossing Linabo but others believed it was named Crossing Linabo for it is the main entrance to Barangay Linabo. But nevertheless, though only a sitio, there were already officials of the place who initialed the development and progress as early as 1948. These officials carried out concerns and problems of its people.  

Until in 1060, Aglayan was officially recognized as a regular barrio of the Municipality of Malaybalay per Resolution no. 53 series of 1960 by the Municipal Council of Malaybalay. It was named after the creek full of Aglay plants and was better known as Aglayan. It had two sitios, upper Kapayawan where the natives of Bugcaon settled and lower Kapayawan where the natives of Linabo resides.

On the same year, when Mr. Felipe Sajulga Sr. was elected as Barangay Chairman for the second time, public lands were distributed to the residents of the barangay.

The following Barangay Officials had initiated in adopting developments for the Barangay:

Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Godofredo Pimentel, Sr. 0948-1949
Rodrigo Salvacion 1949-1950
Felipe Sajulga, Sr. 1950-1951
Vidal Eldam 1951-1959
Marcelo Agujar
Carlos Apao
Francisco Jamago
Felipe Sajulga, Sr 1960-1962
Sisenando Rubin 1963-1964
Julian B. Abales 1965-1966
Eligio Salvaleon 1967-1968
Romeo Rubin 1969-1971
George Paano, Jr. 1972-1981
Buenaventura C. Bayron 1981-1983
Primitivo B. Redondo 1983-1989
Armando L. Betonio 1989-1997
Dr. Glorio D. Sajulga 1997-2010
Leopoldo V. Jamora 2010-2013
Dr. Glorio D. Sajulga 2013-present
Contact Information

contact no. :

0927-263-1959 / 0975-440-8725