Production Support Services (FOD-Crops, IAL & IFS)

Crops (Rice, Corn, HVCC), Organic Agriculture Program & Inland Fisheries Production Support Services

  • Seeds and Fertilizer Subsidies;
  • Planting materials and supplies.
  • Tilapia, Hito Fingerling dispersals

Crop Protection Services (Crops Section)

  • Crops Insurance (PCIC Insurance Program)
  • Pesticides Assistance
  • Bantay Peste Task Force
  • Pest Surveillance Programs and Activities

Integrated Agricultural Laboratories Services (IAL Section)

  • City Soils Testing Laboratory
  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Bio-N Mixing Plant Laboratory
  • Bio-Con Laboratory (new)

Extension Support, Education and Training Services (FOD: Crops, IF, IDS & AE Sections & IAL Section)

  • Trainings and Seminars, Farmers Field Schools (FFS)
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Farmers Forum, RCM, Technical Briefings
  • School-on-the Air Program, SCOPSA, etc.
  • Availability of Credit Assistance (SIKATSAKA Credit Loan)

Credit and Loan Assistance (FOD: Crops Section & PMED: Project Development Section)

  • Availability of Credit Assistance (SIKATSAKA Credit Loan, PLEA, PUNLA and Private Bank Loans)
  • Farmers Certification and Endorsements
  • Farmers Profiling (PFIS & GIS)

Farm Machineries and Agri-Infrastructures Support Services (AE Section)

  • Farm Machineries and Equipment Projects
  • (e.g. Powertillers, Transplanters, Threshers, Shellers)
  • Farm Structures and Processing Facilities
  • (e.g. MPDPs, PalaySheds, Corn & Rice Mills, etc.)
  • Irrigation Development Projects
  • (e.g. Water pumps, Solar Pumps, Dams, canal linings)

Farmers Information Technology Services-FITS (Field Operation Division)

  • FITS Center – IECs and Reading Materials
  • Dugang Hatud Serbisyo Programs
  • Field Tours, Product Exhibits and Promotion Services