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To join hands as one for the betterment of the people of Barangay Casisang; to render services for modern agricultural practices, infrastructure, sanitation, provide lots for the homeless, and motivate investors to put up more business wher people couls more participated; and to attain success in all endeavors thru good leadership.


That Barangay Casisang will be a peaceful place where the people have a deep sense of cooperativism, high education rate, respect for the dignity of mankind with a common goal, to strengthen Christian life and unit in safeguard the environment for a better livelihood and to attain success for a secured future.


Before it’s created into a regular barangay during the Spanish rule Barangay Casisang is part of the poblacion Barangay of Malaybalay. Leaders of Malaybalay extend services to Casisang like in the person of Mr. Esteban Tilanduca who was delegated as Capitan of Malaybalay. In times of conflict he became the mediator between the people and government. People turn to him for their financial and economic problems. He owns a vast track of lands in the barangay where he hired people for farm works services like plowing, planting and harvesting. The farm pay was just enough for the worker’s family needs. Since then Mr. Tilanduca was considered as one of the original settler of Barangay Casisang.

                During the Spanish regime the natives of Barangay Casisang preferred to stay in the forest because they were not satisfied with the administration of the Spaniards. They gather honey, catch fish in the river or streams. They live a life of their own peaceful and contented.

                Only when the Americans came, the people eventually learned to settle in the plains. They began to organize communities under a Datu designated as tribal leader. Schools were establish which contributed to the economic growth of the community and the life of the people.

                Barangay Casisang was separated from Poblacion Malaybalay and became a regular barangay in February 7, 1961, under Resolution # 14-Series of 1961.

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