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Barangay Profile

Barangay St. Peter is one of the 46 barangays of the City of Malaybalay. It is located 63 kilometers away from the City proper and can be reached passing through Cabanglasan. It is bounded by Agusan in the east, Barangay Kulaman in the west, Barangay Zamboanguita in the south and Barangay Busdi in the north. The Barangay is composed of eleven (11) puroks with a total land area of 2,887 hectares.


The Barangay Council,
through the wholehearted support of
the community, will ensure protection and
respect of individual rights, render genuine public
services, initiate and implement agricultural
programs and ordinance for the preservation
of its natural resources in the leap
of greater heights of progress


We envisioned St. Peter as the
major rubber producing barangay of the
City with united, educated and God loving people
who live in a progressive economy through improved agriculture, preserved natural resources and protected watershed, clean and balance environment,
well-maintained and fully- developed
infrastructures governed by
consultative, sincere and honest leaders.

Historical Background

             In the early days, they call this place SUMPILON. It was a Purok under the political jurisdiction of Barangay Caburacanan. This Purok was headed by Datu Lauman Aninayon as a chieftain. He led his people belonging to Higaonon tribe peacefully inhabited a place across Pulangi River.The area was cultivated and produce was adundant.

            The lifestyle of the tribesmen changed when migrants came to live with them. The migrants influenced the lumads way of living and they learned to adopt the Christian doctrines.

            One day, Munucipal Mayor Lorenzo Dinlayan, together with the provincial warden Pedro Abunda and some councilors, policemen visited the  place and asked” What is the real name of this  place?” the people replied, “SUMPILON”. The visitors suggested to change the name and the people ask “What will be the name?” and they replied jokingly it will be named after Pedro, the Municipal Warden.

            Datu and his tribesmen and some personalities discussed for the change of SUMPILON, they agreed to change it to St. Peter with the influence of Christian laymen. Since then, they called it St. Peter.

            Eventually, Sitio St. Peter was separated from its mother barangay and became a regular barangay of Malaybalay in the year 1972 under Republic Act (R.A.) 3590, and St. Peter retained its name.

Leaders in the Barangay
Barangay Captain Year of Service
Angelino Okinlay 1972-1978
Alfredo Sumaylo 1978-1982
Anecita Torayno 1982-1987
Romulo B. Hornada 1987-1994
Bonifacio C. Pancho 1994-2002
Domingo D. Hingpit 2002-2013
Jaime T. Sumaylo, Sr. 2013-2018
Rubencio T. Organiza Sr. 2018-Present
Contact Information

contact no.:

0912-987-1173 / 0912-824-6203