On August 2, 2023, the Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO) carried out the distribution of Permethrin lotion to patients affected by scabies. This initiative took place in New Mexico, Barangay Bangcud.

Scabies, a skin infection caused by mites, can lead to discomfort and itching. Permethrin lotion, recognized as the preferred treatment, was distributed to alleviate symptoms and aid in the healing process.

Among the key figures present during the distribution were Dr. Jude Rey Pagaling, and Leonamie Melliston, RN, Assistant Coordinator for CESU. Also in attendance were April Nicole U. Aurita, RN, representing the Department of Health (DOH-DSO), and Elizabeth Salvanera, RM, DOH Midwife for Barangay Bangcud.

This concerted effort demonstrates the dedication of healthcare professionals towards improving the well-being of the community by providing essential treatments and care.

Report: CHO-NADA