In order to strengthen established service delivery efficiency, prevent graft and corruption, reduce red tape, and expedite business and non-business transactions, the City Human Resource and Management Office (CHRMO) conducted orientation about the Republic Act 11032, otherwise known as “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018” (EODB-EGSD) and its implementing Rules and regulations (IRR).

Invited resource speaker, Civil Service Commission (CSC) Field Office, Director II Lourdes B. Pelaez discussed 12 things to know about the EODB-EGSD consisting of coverage, purpose, citizen’s charter, zero contact transactions, 3-7-20 processing time, grant of automatic extension, anti-red tape authority, anti-red tape unit in the CSC, report card survey, administrative jurisdiction, violations, person liable, and regulations.

Director Pelaez further discussed the rules, tools, and mechanisms designed to improve frontline service efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

The law applies to all government offices and agencies, including local government units and government owned and controlled corporations whether located in the Philippines or abroad, as presented during the meeting at Conference Room, City Hall.

The one-day orientation on November 13, 2019 was attended by various department heads, including different division heads of the City Mayor’s Office.

Report by: Eliseo Raagas, Jr. & Mary Jane Rodrigo, CHRMO-NADA