In an effort to raise parental awareness regarding Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, the Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO) organized a forum on newborn screening. The event took place at Barangay 3 – Session Hall, featuring Dr. Aileen Dubrigue, MD, FPPS, the Pediatric Department head at Bethel Baptist Hospital Inc. and the NBSCC-BPMC follow-up head, as the invited speaker.

The forum commenced with an introduction by Ian Roy Lapinid, NBSCC-BPMC follow-up nurse in charge. Dr. Susan Marie Punongbayan, a Rural Health Physician, delivered the opening  remarks, emphasizing the significance of early detection and understanding of G6PD deficiency.

Among the attendees were representatives from the City Health Office Midwives, HRH/RHMPP, Marlon John Yongco, RN, Kharl Karen Libot – NBS Nurse Coordinator, and Gazel Dane Dela Cruz – Asst. NBS Nurse Coordinator.

Dr. Dubrigue’s lecture covered the details of G6PD deficiency, its potential complications, and crucial information regarding foods and drugs that should be avoided. The forum specifically targeted parents with confirmed positive children, aiming to provide them with a heightened level of understanding about the condition.

The session concluded with an engaging question-and-answer segment, allowing parents to seek clarification and further insights into G6PD deficiency. As the prevalence of such conditions continues to be a global concern, forums like these aim to foster a well-informed community.

Report: CHO-NADA